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Surviving Freshman Year

From   The summer of 1989, I packed for a year of independence – my freshman year in college. As a first generation college student, I expected it to be a mixture of Cosby’s “A Different World” and Spike Lee’s “School Daze.” The article contains tips for surviving freshman year.

High School Drop Rate Report

New findings about the real reasons high school students drop out. They are similar to the reasons why first generation college students drop out after freshman year. For more information on the report, read more.. America’s Promise Alliance Report on High School Drop Outs

Five Life Lessons Learned

From   I have lived through a lot these decades on earth. I witnessed the fall of the Iron Curtain,  an apartheid free South Africa, an African-American president, a recession unlike any other, and the return of 1980s fashion. I have lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and traveled abroad. I bought my […]

8 Tips for Career Success: Class of 2014 and other job searchers

  FROM RONDA-ISMS.   I did a guest article titled Powered for Endurance where I wrote about the “new normal” for college graduates post 2008. “The “New Normal” is  – four (five) years of college, almost six figures in debt, and there are no job prospects on the horizon in the near or distant future. You apply […]

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