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Lessons Freshman Year in College

From Ronda-isms. Author Rachel J. Jones. After one year of college I learned a few lessons. My freshmen year was filled with fun, work, and people. My main goal for freshman year was to have a successful academic term and not repeat the blunders that I made in high school. Being a social butterfly was […]

Millennial Voting Bloc

From Ronda-isms. I love that millennials are becoming activists as seen in the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements. However, I am disturbed that for all the activism, some still did not vote. “My vote doesn’t matter” is oft repeated. If you want the government to change laws regarding student loans or move towards affordable higher […]

Freshman 15 Horror

From Ronda-isms. Author Rachel J. Jones. I thought it was a myth. I thought it was something people say to scare us newbies, freshmen, but it is real. My bony chicken legs started to look like jumbo carnival size turkey legs. My flat as a table tummy deformed into a Kangaroo pouch. I am appalled […]

Experiential & Entrepreneurial Learning

From Ronda-isms. The times are changing and technology is moving use further in the future. In order to stay relevant and marketable, we must be able to adapt with technological advancements. “Each wave of [technological] disruption has created a lot of new jobs. I am worried about the mismatch. I think we need new ways […]

Girls in STEM

From Ronda-isms. Hidden Figures is a book by Margot Lee Shetterly turned into a movie based on the story of black women working at NASA in the 1950s space race between the US and the former Soviet Union (USSR). Representation matters! As a young girl, I remember that my pediatrician, a West Indian woman, encouraged my mom to put us […]

Yale & Mizzou: Covert Racism

From Ronda-isms. Yale University’s pristine ivy is in a bunch. All is not well in the hallowed halls of this academic haven. Controversy struck when an email was sent to students regarding Halloween costumes reminding that “poor decisions can be made including wearing feathered headdresses, turbans, wearing ‘war paint’ or modifying skin tone or wearing […]

Financial Planning for College & Beyond – Budget Worksheet

Estimated Income Yearly Amount Monthly Amount Estimated Expenses Yearly Amount Monthly Amount SALARY /ADJUSTMENTS 40,000 HOUSING Net Salary = gross salary minus FICA/medicare, taxes (assume 28%) Use PaycheckCity.comSalary Calculator Mortgage/Rent Homeowners/Condo Assessment NON-TAXABLE INCOME AFDC UTILITIES Veterans Benefits Gas Social Security Electric Other Water Telephone (land line) Cell Phone OTHER INCOME TRANSPORTATION Interest Income Bus/Train […]

Five Life Lessons Learned

From   I have lived through a lot these decades on earth. I witnessed the fall of the Iron Curtain,  an apartheid free South Africa, an African-American president, a recession unlike any other, and the return of 1980s fashion. I have lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and traveled abroad. I bought my […]

8 Tips for Career Success: Class of 2014 and other job searchers

  FROM RONDA-ISMS.   I did a guest article titled Powered for Endurance where I wrote about the “new normal” for college graduates post 2008. “The “New Normal” is  – four (five) years of college, almost six figures in debt, and there are no job prospects on the horizon in the near or distant future. You apply […]

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